5 Sustainable Independent Businesses

5 Sustainable Independent Businesses

A spotlight on 5 independent and sustainable personal care businesses from around the world.

Oui the People

Every year 2 billion plastic razors end up in the landfill.

OUI the People is a zero-waste, sustainable, New York based company. They make safety razors and shaving products for sensitive skin. Furthermore, their shaving cream is refillable and the safety razors are handmade.

Oui the People have committed to watching their language via their reConstitution of Beauty promise. They aim to help customers feel great in the skin they are already in.

Liha Beauty

Liha Beauty is inspired by Yoruba culture and traditional English aromatherapy. This wellness, self-care company creates small handmade batches of soaps, candles, body/massage oils and body butters. All their products are 100% vegan, and free from parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and chemicals.

Based in Cheltenham and Hackney (London), United Kingdom, Liha Beauty uses reusable/recyclable packaging including glass bottles, cork stoppers and paper. 

Dinobi Detergent

Dinobi detergent based in Chicago produces laundry detergents in recyclable bottles. Only 4 ingredients are in this product:-  water, plant based surfactants, vegetable derived fatty alcohol and lavender essential oil. Their concentrated formula provides 32 washes from a 945ml (32oz) bottle.

Dinobi laundry detergent is recommended for baby’s skin, cloth nappies (diapers), sensitive skin (eczema) and pets.


Nokware Skincare

Nokware is Twi for truth. Based in Accra, Ghana this business works with local women’s cooperatives to source raw materials and packaging, producing African black soap, facial cleansers and oils, lip balms and gorgeous gift boxes. Nokware’s sustainable commitment is evident in their product and natural biodegradable packaging. The container for the black soap is a calabash (dried fruit of the gourd plant). A calabash in West Africa is traditionally a bowl or drinking vessel. Woven jute fibres and raffia twine cover the calabash. Additionally, Nokware’s shea butters are packed in bamboo


Candlessentials is a Los Angeles based company that produces small batches of uniquely scented hand-poured candles. They package these coconut wax based candles in plantable boxes embedded with wildflower seeds. This company incorporates degradable packaging that produces beautiful flowers.

One more for luck? 

Last but by no means least, we must include a bonus.


BLK+GRN is a marketplace for vegan, organic, non-toxic, products created and curated by black women. Everything for hair, bath + body, home and menstrual care can be found here. The website is a database that connects a community of 70 plus artisans to consumers of natural and ethically sourced goods. Industry experts test all products in the BLK+GRN market place to ensure they are natural and that they work.

To summarise, post lockdown lets support small independent sustainable and where possible local businesses.

Feature Image:

sustainable businesses butterfly
Butterfly and lilly. Image: 김 대정 | Pexels


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