Songhai Centre – Port Novo, Benin

Songhai Centre – Port Novo, Benin

Songhai Centre in Port Novo, Benin is the pinnacle of a zero waste agricultural site.  Here they  integrate vegetable production, aquaculture and animal husbandry to produce a large selection of  produce.  From food (cooking oils, fruit, baked goods, juices and livestock for consumption)  to biogas, biomass, plastic recycling, fish feed, animal feed, composting, soap production and  manufacturing of all machinery used on the site.  This place takes the term self-sufficient to a whole new level.

Feature Image:

Songhai City Model - Viable AlternativEnergy
Integrated system of production. Songhai City, Porto-Novo, Benin. Image: Mildred Williams | Viable AlternativEnergy.


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  1. Sunday

    How can individual register for training in the Songhai Centre? No contact found

  2. MW

    Hi Sunday,
    The weblink is no longer working. For more information on the Songhai Centre at Porto-Novo, Republic of Benin, please contact:- [email protected]. They have an active Facebook page.
    Kind regards,

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